New SHPP on Law-water Akhuryan River

New SHPP on Law-water Akhuryan River

"Musaha" LLC plans to build "Akhuryan" SHPP-2 near Amasia Village, Shirak Region, on the left bank of Akhuryan River. The company has applied for a Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the SHPP construction project to the Ministry of Environment.

Under the EIA application, the SHPP will have a 1418 m long two-branch metal diversion pipeline. The derivation capacity will be 8 cubic meters per second. The installed capacity of the SHPP will be 2180 kW, the average annual electricity production will be 13.86 million kWh. The construction of the SHPP will take two years. Post-construction will have a negative impact on the environment. Economic damage to the environment as a result of operation of "Akhuryan" SHPP-2 will make 1, 140,259 AMD per year.

It should be noted that 5 SHPPs "Jradzor", "Heghnajur", "Marmarashen", "Paros" and "Amasia" have already been built on the Akhuryan River. Recently, due to the unequal distribution of water in the Akhuryan River Basin by some SHPPs, there has been a conflict of interest.

Within the framework of the criminal case initiated by RA Prosecutor's Office, it was found out that the year-round use of water by a number of SHPPs operating in the Akhuryan River Basin has a negative impact on other SHPP water users.

Due to the lack of sufficient water in the Akhuryan river basin due to the use of water on a year-round basis, other SHPPs could not be operated incurring significant damage.

At the sitting held on August 18, RA Government approved the decision on making amendments and supplementing to the decision N 240-N "On approving Management Plan for 2017-2022 of Akhuryan Basin Management Area and approving priority measures for effective management".

Under to the decision, the Akhuryan water basin management plan has been supplemented with a new point, according to which the water of right-wing canal supplied with the Akhuryan River during the irrigation season should be used only for irrigation. The established environmental flow values ​​have been revised.

September 07, 2021 at 11:23