Armenian Scientists Offering New Recipe To Save Lake Sevan from Waterlogging

Armenian Scientists Offering New Recipe To Save Lake Sevan from Waterlogging

The Scientific Center of Zoology-Hydroecology of NAS RA, the Institute of Geology of BAS RA, the Chair of Genetics and Cytology of the Faculty of Biology of Yerevan State University and “Biomineral” LLC are creating a pilot device, with the help of which, during the blooming stage of Lake Sevan, the polluted coastal areas of the lake will be cleaned of additional organic matter. This will reduce the amount of biomaterials in the lake and will slow down the process of eutrophication (or swamping).

In recent years, Lake Sevan has been blooming due to the penetration of large amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus. As a result, the amount of oxygen available to fish and other aquatic animals decreases, leading to a distortion of aquatic life. Species belonging to the group Cyanophyta, which make Lake Sevan "bloom", are toxic, release stable toxins – microcystins and anatoxin.

Since 2020, the mechanisms of water blooming in Lake Sevan have been studied, the methodology of using Armenian zeolites to purify water from blue-green algae has been developed, and the impact of zeolites on the water composition during purification has been carried out.

Scientific organizations are working to create cheap, harmless absorbers, including natural adsorbents and natural polymers, to remove microorganisms, microalgae, and cyanobacteria from the lake.

Armenia is rich in mineral resources of natural adsorbents: zeolites, diatomites, perlites, clays, etc. As part of the project, zeolites are used as adsorbents, which are natural minerals composed of silicon, aluminum and oxygen atoms.

Under the influence of the selected sorbent, the number of bacteria decreased 300 times in 10 minutes. Attempts are being made to increase the rate of sorbent impact. It is with the help of these zeolites that microorganisms, microalgae and cyanobacteria harmful to the lake will be absorbed from Lake Sevan by means of a model device.

Informational and Analytical Service of NAS RA

September 09, 2021 at 13:51