Police Posed Demand To Clear Roads Before Amulsar Defenders

Police Posed Demand To Clear Roads Before Amulsar Defenders


Keeping the road leading to Amulsar Gold Mine blocked, Amulsar guards released a statement saying:

“On December 9, a meeting was held at the Grand Resort Hotel in Jermuk between Deputy Chief of Police, Advisor to Chief of Police, other police officials, Regional Governor, Jermuk Mayor and more than ten residents of Jermuk.

Officials at the meeting offered us in a very civilized way to open Amulsar's roads and allow Lydian to carry out winter operations. We, the residents present at the meeting, having the same opinion and position on this matter, strongly opposed it.

We are against any action in the Amulsar area, and this is not a whim but a final decision with many justifications. At the same time, we said that the citizens present here were chosen randomly, and any other Jermuk residents could come to our meeting instead.

We, having a personal stance, but still cannot give a definitive answer to this proposal, as Amulsar is a problem for all Armenians, and the population of Jermuk community is participating in the peaceful action near Amulsar's entrances.

So we have come to an agreement that we will try to organize an open public discussion and discuss with the population and make a decision on this issue. Amulsar is not only a problem for Jermuk community, but for all sensible Armenians.

Therefore, we value your response and your position on this matter, recognizing that as a result of our every step, we will all resolve the situation together.

So we decided to make a public decision by December 14 and announce the final decision through the mayor.

At the same time we insist once again that AMULSAR WILL STILL REMAIN A MOUNTAIN; THAT’S IT."

December 10, 2019 at 17:23