New Animal Species - New Situation Connected to Amulsar Project

New Animal Species - New Situation Connected to Amulsar Project


Zoologist Vasil Ananyan has discovered a new species for the fauna of Armenia - Aeshna juncea (sedge darner) on Amulsar Mountain in Vayots Dzor Region. On his Facebook page Vasil Ananyan posted that the new species was discovered in 2018-2019 noting: "This is a remnant of a rare and small-scale ice age in Armenia."

This new type of discovery creates a new situation for Amulsar Gold Quartzite mining project. Aeshna juncea is included in the IUCN red-listed species list. The availability of this species in the Amulsar territory, as a red-listed species, should have been included in the EIA and Conclusion of Amulsar Project, as well as they should have included other species on the verge of extinction. The Amulsar Project was endorsed in 2016, and RA Red Book of Animals was republished in 2010.

The Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia should have paid special attention to endangered and rare species and give its opinion on this matter, as according to Article 13 of RA Law on Fauna, the state registration of fauna is carried out no later than every five years, which the authorized body has not performed. As RA Red Book of Animals has not been updated so far, IUCN Red Book should serve as a guide when making decisions on this rare species.

It should be noted that Article 26 of RA Subsoil Code and Article 18 of RA Law on Fauna prohibit any activity that would lead to a reduction in the number of red-listed species and the deterioration of their habitats.  

Photos posted by Vasil Ananyan show Aeshna juncea males and egg-laying female.




February 03, 2020 at 17:59