Barrister: Nature Protection Ministry Tries to Put Court Proceedings on Amulsar in Deadlock

Barrister: Nature Protection Ministry Tries to Put Court Proceedings on Amulsar in Deadlock


RA Nature Protection Ministry is trying to put the court proceedings on Amulsar project into a deadlock: the court claim has been filed by Jermuk town and Gndevaz Village residents to RA Administrative Court, as the barrister for the defense Nazeli Vardanyan said in her interview with EcoLur.

16 residents of Jermuk Resort Town and Gndevaz Village have sued RA Nature Protection Minister Erik Grigoryan. The plaintiffs are demanding from court to obligate him to annul the positive opinion № ԲՓ 35 issued to the amended project of Amulsar gold-bearing quartzite mining and RA Nature Protection Minister's approval dated on 29.04.2016. The claim presents three new factors about Amulsar project. 

The court had admitted the claim into proceedings and the first court hearing is appointed on 4 February 2019.

'In two weeks after admitting the claim into proceedings, RA Nature Protection Minister should have responded to the claim and spoken about the facts mentioned in the claim form. Nevertheless, instead a motion has been filed which says, ' We are requesting to suspend the administrative proceedings under the procedure laid down in Article 94 of RA Administrative Proceedings Code till drafting a judicial act in the criminal case tried in the criminal proceedings.' A criminal case has been initiated on Amulsar project, a new expert group has been decided to establish in the frames of the criminal case, but this criminal case has no relation with the new factors we have cited. The criminal case is based on certain crimes – violations of Water Code, Land Code, Code on Subsoil, where certain violations will be tried and not new factors. No criminal case can deny them: it is illegal and non-substantiated to connect the criminal case with the administrative case. Here I can see an intention to postpone the case and to put it into a deadlock,' the barrister of the plaintiffs mentioned.

Nazeli Vardanyan outlined she is going to file an objection to the motion filed by RA Nature Protection Ministry on 4 February. 'I think that the court shall be reasonable and file this motion, not to suspend the trial of the case, if it is suspended I will appeal to Appeal Court,' the barrister said.

Reminder: a criminal case was evoked over the case due to the circumstance that the registered violations contain criminal features in August 2018. 

January 15, 2019 at 16:25