New Government Stuck With Amulsar Problem: Following Arthur Grigoryan’s Mystical Dismissal

New Government Stuck With Amulsar Problem: Following Arthur Grigoryan’s Mystical Dismissal

On 21 January 2019, under Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan’s decision Head of RA Environmental and Mining Inspection Arthur Grigoryan was dismissed from his office. This decision has caused heated discussions.

During the conversation on this matter, human rights defender Zaruhi Hovhannisyan noted that there is no reason mentioned why this official had been dismissed.

“A. Grigoryan enjoys the trust of the society at wide. Dismissing a person who has undergone a public fight, enjoys public confidence and possesses new knowledge in this field, generates an atmosphere of non-confidence towards the newly formed government.’

Environmentalist Apres Zoharbyan outlined that the society is waiting for the PM’s clarification, ‘This is, most probably, the worst decision of the prime minister.’

Under environmentalist Inga Zarafyan’s observations, Arthur Grigoryan has acted in the frames of the law and his competences and the decision on dismissal was probably reached because of the existing conflict of interests.

Speaking about public interests and the conflict of interests of international corporations, Z. Hovhannisyan brought the example of Amulsar, “After the revolution, the new Armenian government is stuck with the problem of Amulsar. The society has blocked Amulsar and doesn’t allow an environmental disaster to happen, international corporations are negotiating with the Armenian Government so as this disaster to happen for the sake of their benefits.’

The human rights defender also reminded that all the large movements in Armenia had originated from environmental movements and outlined we need to be cautious about these matters so as to be able to avoid further shakes.

A. Zohrabyan added that the society can’t be misguided and enforce them decisions, “If they think they will solve the problem with Amulsar with A. Grigoryan’s dismissal, they are entirely wrong.” Watch details in the video.

January 23, 2019 at 14:37