Armenia To Report at UN on Compliance to Human Rights

Armenia To Report at UN on Compliance to Human Rights


Armenia is among the 14 countries that will report on the compliance to human rights next week. On Monday the next session of the Working Group will begin in Geneva, which assesses the human rights situation in all states without exception. This process is called the “universal periodic review”.

Reminder: in the fall of 2018, the UN Special Rapporteur arrived in Armenia, who also met with Amulsar’s defenders in Vayots Dzor Region. Any State, not even a member of the Working Group, may participate in the interactive dialogue as part of the universal review.

On average, about 100 countries give their thoughts and recommendations. And the organization of the discussion of each country is carried out by the so-called “triad” - three representatives of the Council member states, which are selected by lot.

They collect documents and even prepare a kind of script. After all, each state in the Working Group discusses no more than three hours.

Representatives of Nepal, Venezuela and Poland will be “in charge” of the discussion of the report of Armenia.

January 16, 2020 at 15:00