Nazeli Vardanyan To Appeal Verdict Reached in Favour of Lydian Armenia

Nazeli Vardanyan To Appeal Verdict Reached in Favour of Lydian Armenia


RA Court of First Instance upheld the lawsuit filed by "Lydian Armenia" CJSC against the President of "Forests of Armenia" NGO, lawyer Nazeli Vardanyan. Lydian Armenia has demanded that the court obliges Nazeli Vardanyan to publicly deny the statement she made "Why transfer 80 million to Jermuk Foundation when Jermuk is not an affected community ... what does it mean... Is it a form of a bribe? Is there any other option?...” At the same time, the company demanded that 1 million AMD is confiscated from the lawyer in compensation for non-pecuniary damage for causing significant damage to the company's business reputation.

The court obliged Nazeli Vardanyan to publicly deny the abovementioned statement and confiscate 100,000 AMD in favor of Lydian Armenia CJSC.

"I filed a motion to court stating that I could not attend the court hearing due to ill health. I asked to postpone the court hearing. I have not received a decision on the rejection of the petition. Today, in fact, I learned from journalists that a court hearing was held without my presence, and a verdict was reached. I have not received the verdict either.

Before that, the court went to trial without my participation and notification. I also learned about it from journalists. I filed a motion that I am notified as a respondent with the correct address and resume the initial hearing. I have not received any decision that my motion has also been rejected. Thus, I participated in only one court hearing, during which I was provided with the case materials and was not given any opportunity to express my position, defend my rights in court, thus violating my rights to a fair trial and remedy laid down in RA Constitution and international convention.

As a result, an obviously unfounded, illegal and biased decision was reached,” Nazeli Vardanyan told EcoLur.

The lawyer is going to appeal this ruling to RA Appeal Court.


June 11, 2020 at 19:09