EBRD PCM Officially Recorded Residents' Complaint on Amulsar Project

EBRD PCM Officially Recorded Residents' Complaint on Amulsar Project


The EBRD PCM has officially recorded the complaint filed by Jermuk enlarged community residents, including Gndevaz Village residents, on Amulsar project implemented by Lydian Company. The letter addressed to the NGOs supporting the residents says that the complaint meets the PCM Registration criteria and will be published on the PCM Register.

The letter says that PCM will assess the Complaint to:

- develop a clear understanding of the issues raised in the Complaint;

- discuss with Parties the Problem Solving and Compliance functions, their scope and possible outcomes;

- clarify Parties’ willingness to engage in each function, taking into account Complainants’ preference among the functions;

- consider the status of any other grievance resolution efforts, if applicable; and

- evaluate and determine how the Case will proceed.

Reminder: 23 residents from the residential areas affected by Amulsar gold-bearing quartzitemining project have applied to the Independent Project Accountability Mechanism(IPAM) of the EBRD calling on the IPAM to suggest the EBRD to withdraw from theAmulsar project. CEE Bankwatch Network, “EcoLur” Informational NGO, “Forests ofArmenia” NGO, “Green Armenia” NGO, “Armenian Environmental Front” Civic Initiativehave joined this application to support Jermuk residents.

June 15, 2020 at 19:07