Instigation Probable: Amulsar Guard Called To Join Them

Instigation Probable: Amulsar Guard Called To Join Them

Amulsar Guard, Jermuk resident Shirak Buniatyan posted the following call on Facebook on July 17 at around 9:00 am. "I call on all the people who have always said that they will come to Amulsar as soon as we need them to stand next to us. Be cautious, it is very likely that today is that day. Some developments are observed, some people have decided to embark on an adventure. Be ready, it is very likely that we would all ask you to join us today. Details will be available later. AMULSAR IS OUR HOMELAND. THATS IT!"

Facebook user, activist Hayk Barseghyan called for going to Amulsar, urging to leave for Amulsar at their own responsibility given the current situation in the country. Hours later, members of the Armenian Environmental Front Ani Khachatryan and Levon Galstyan, arriving at one of Amulsar guard points, went live with Shirak Buniatyan to inform about the events of the last 15 days. Shirak Buniatyan said, "At the moment, the territory seems to be peaceful, but new provocations can be instigated at any moment." More details are available in the video.

Reminder: the situation in Amulsar has been uneasy since Lydian Armenia's new security company entered the Amulsar area on June 30. There have been several incidents between representatives of the security company and the local residents guarding Amulsar, which did not turn into a big clash as a result of the restraining presence and intervention of the Armenian Police.

Lydian Armenia recently disseminated a statement calling on the police to clear the company's premises from illegally located caravans and occupants. The atmosphere remains tense.

July 17, 2020 at 18:56