Nikol Pashinyan on International Opinion of Amulsar Project: "Information We Currently Have Clearly Says It Doesn't Harm"

Nikol Pashinyan on International Opinion of Amulsar Project:


RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on August 19 was live on his Facebook page speaking about Amulsar. During a live with the Citizen, he spoke about the international expertise of the Amulsar project, presenting his point of view and the current situation.

Pashinyan summed up the one and a half hour broadcast as follows:

"What is the situation today? A year ago we put forward conditions, we said we were interested in whether or not the mine would harm Sevan, whether or not it would harm Jermuk. The concept is related to the waters of Jermuk.

We have said, if it hurts, we will close, there is no way out, we are not interested in anything, we will close that mine, as we have said it and as I have said it. At the same time, we have said that if it were during our governance, we wouldn’t like to have it, but since this process has been launched until there is no reason to cancel, this document remains in force.

Now, at the moment, the information we have is very clear, it does not harm, it is very clear, our conclusion is as follows. What can we do to keep up with the conditions we have set ourselves, otherwise it will turn out that Armenia is a serious state? "

Check out the details in the video.

13:58 August 20, 2019


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