Littoral Area of Yerevan Lake To Be Cleaned from Garbage

Littoral Area of Yerevan Lake To Be Cleaned from Garbage

According to the annual program of Yerevan Municipality, the cleaning works of Lake Yerevan have started. It is planned to clean the shores of Hrazdan River and Yerevan Lake within the budget of 60,430,000 AMD allocated for the project, to install a garbage cage to prevent the entry of waste into Yerevan Lake, as well as to collect and transport about 12,500 cubic meters of waste.

According to the program initiated by the municipality, it is envisaged to improve the 2.8 hectare part of the lake shore area, install benches, garbage cans, build a sports ground, a bicycle path, an alley, illuminate the area with energy-saving lights, and carry out landscaping works.

There are several reasons for the pollution of Yerevan Lake. The first is the household waste dumped, part of which is accumulated on the shores of the lake, and the other part is dumped into the lake, endangering wildlife and the health of those who use the lake for irrigation. The second reason is the sewage that flows into the lake through Getar.

In response to EcoLur's inquiry, Yerevan Municipality informs. "In the littoral areas, the shoreline is being cleaned of harmful vegetation and solid household waste. At the same time, construction and installation of a garbage dam on the Hrazdan River are underway. The collected garbage is taken to the Nubarashen municipal landfill in Yerevan."

The municipality also informs that the program refers only to the cleaning of the shores of Lake Yerevan. The cleaning and transportation of the floor sediments are large-scale, for the implementation of which additional studies and financial resources will be required.

EcoLur spoke with Samvel Pipoyan, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Head of Department of Biology, Chemistry and Their Teaching Methods at Khachatur Abovyan State Pedagogical University. The latter had his views and suggestions on the implementation of the program, received a proposal for cooperation last year, but was not invited to discussions.

Samvel Pipoyan mentioned that he suggested starting the works not in spring, but in February, until the waterfowl and shorebirds appeared in Yerevan Lake for migration, and the fish did not start the spawning process. Touching upon the fish species in the lake, Samvel Pipoyan mentioned that the Labeobarbus and Barbus goktschaicus in the lake. "These fish species reproduce directly either on the shore of the lake or rise up the Hrazdan River and spawn there.

The problem is that if the cleaning works are done in spring or summer, they will definitely disrupt the spawning process of these fish species. There are many birds recorded in that area, which are red-listed in Armenia. Out of the mammals, we have observed the otter, which is also red-listed in Armenia.

Such actions, which are associated with the regular work of raising and lowering water, can be fraught with stressors, which can have a negative impact on these animals. "At the same time, we must be careful about the bushes, trees, reeds that grow on the shores of the lake, which are hiding places and habitats for various animals," he said.

According to Samvel Pipoyan, the main task of the lake is to clean the floor, which, unfortunately, is not laid down in this program. Referring to the question to what extent this cleaning measure can solve the existing problems in the lake, Samvel Pipoyan said, "The Getar River flows into the lake, into which the sewage from Normassive, Avan and the central part of the city is discharged without treatment. Sewage from the river flows into the lake. If there is no chemical and physical cleaning, mechanical cleaning will not solve significant problems in terms of plastic collection.”

According to him, it is necessary to think about chemical or biological treatment of Getar water before it joins the Hrazdan River. "Only in that case can we say that the waters of Getar are cleaned of sewage. The cleaning of the lake must be continuous," he said.

April 21, 2022 at 12:47