Who Will Survive in Sevan

Who Will Survive in Sevan


“Who Will Survive in Sevan” is a new documentary by EcoLur. The film broaches problems we all are concerned with, but first of all, the people living on the shore of Lake Sevan. The lake is surrounded with 40 communities. People there don’t take part in the governmental programs on Sevan, the total amount of which sometimes exceeds 370,000,000 AMD. People leave their hometown not seeing any way out.

 “800 men left our village, they are leaving and leaving and leaving…the soil is  devastated, water is finished, food is finished, trees are cut down and a desert is left. What we will leave to our children?....Will the forest and fish be recovered, and what about the water? Water concerns me most...When we were fighting for the Argitchi, against the HPP, I was told, you know that the HPP had already been constructed in Martuni. I headed for Martuni and if you just saw what happened with fish and frogs, you will feel dizzy...The whole fauna is ground in this turbine...You are cheated this is the Sevan trout or whitefish: they don’t exist any longer, the whole fish is bred in pools...We, fish poachers, apply to you, the president of the country…” – the local villagers mentioned this and other problems. Bardukh Gabrielyan, Dr. in Biological  Sciences, Director of the Scientific Center for  Zoology and Hydroecology of NAS RA, comments on these problems.

The film was created by Inga Zarafyan, Nilolay Davtyan, Victoria Burnazyan, Gagik Kochinyan and Vardan Matevosyan. 

 This video was made possible by the support of Counterpart International’s Civil Society and Local Government Support Program and the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development through EcoLur. Content, views and opinions expressed herein are those of EcoLur and do not necessarily reflect the views of Counterpart Armenia, USAID or the United States Government.”

November 30, 2012 at 13:00