RA National Assembly "My Step" Faction MPs Made Facebook Posts on Amulsar Project

RA National Assembly


The MPs of “My Step” Faction have made posts on their Facebook page on Amulsar project:

RA NA Vice Speaker Lena Nazaryan posted: “The ELARD experts in the report provide assessments and conclusions that question the credibility of the EIA underlying the mine permitting documentation, nevertheless, they come to a different conclusion at the end of the report. The report didn’t eliminate my anxieties, and I do hold the opinion that the report is largely contradictory. ”

Lilit Makunts, head of the RA NA "My Step" faction, posted: “1. We look at the latest technologies, not mines, from the pillars of our economic development.

2. Taking into account the current situation, the Government has adopted a risk management policy in relation to Amulsar.

3. The most important component of making complex decisions is risk calculation and monitoring, and the results and consequences are predictive. ”

4. Varazdat Karapetyan, Chairman of the RA NA Standing Committee on Territorial Administration, Local Self-Government, Agriculture and Environment wrote: “There are no mines without risks. It is unbelievable that we will manage the risks that our generations today will inherit in the form of acid drains, heavy rains, polluted springs, and rivers.

Against us is the giant monster of the world mining, with its people, institutions, finances, experts ... The company that claims to have Amulsar resources is not honest with us and our country. No independent expertise can disprove the existence of hundreds of dangers and threats. Let's save Amulsar.”

Gayane Abrahamyan, a member of the RA NA "My Step" faction, posted: “The ELARD report, with all the risks mentioned, was not new, as international experts regularly voiced about the risks mentioned years ago, but it is important to reiterate that there are many shortcomings in the EIA, especially water resource impacts. It is clear from the report that the EIA that received a positive conclusion in 2016 was not properly carried out, an EIA, which casts serious doubts on the probability of a criminal case being dropped.”

MP Mary Galstyan from "My Step" faction posted: “The EIA (Environmental Impact ssessment) submitted by Lydian Company has serious gaps and shortcomings that generally question the reliability of the findings and assessments. But I would especially like to emphasize my concerns about the following: In the technical task (ToR) submitted to ELARD, questions were asked which ELARD could not and did not have the right to answer, namely whether the operation of the mine would affect Lake Sevan or not, affect Jermuk waters or not, affect the water system or not?

To give a clear answer to these questions, ELARD had to do a new EIA rather than study a completed EIA and a number of other documents. "


16:05 August 20, 2019


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