Formal Investigation Launched against Yura Ivanyan

Formal Investigation Launched against Yura Ivanyan


An official investigation has been launched against Yura Ivanyan, head of the Amulsar case, as Naira Harutyunyan, Head of Information and Public Relations Department of RA Investigative Committee, told

It should be reminded that has published a journalistic investigation where it reveals the affairs between Yura Ivanyan from Investigative Committee and ex-Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan, who signed a positive conclusion to the Amulsar Project. This circumstance has raised doubts among the public whether Yura Ivanyan is objectively investigating the Amulsar case.

In its turn, the Investigative Committee issued a clarification affirming Yura Ivanyan's and Aramayis Grigoryan's kinship, but denied any doubts about the Amulsar case. 

15:27 September 02, 2019


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