Jermuk Residents' Expectations from Armenian Government in Terms of Amulsar

Jermuk Residents' Expectations from Armenian Government in Terms of Amulsar


The Jermuk residents, who have been blocking the roads to the infrastructure of Amulsar project for more than 22 months, expect the government of Armenia to solve the problem properly, which is not developing the mine. “It must remain as a mountain. We are sure that they will go that way because there can be irreversible consequences. It is very difficult for us to get away from the family, things are left undone but we have no way out, we have to stay here until this issue is resolved. We are just fighting for clean air and water so that my family and I can enjoy the benefits of nature,” Jermuk resident Armen Jamaryan told EcoLur.

Amulsar defender Gerasim Musheghyan, a resident of Jermuk, said they trust the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, but attempts to cooperate with him over the Amulsar problem have failed. “We trust Pashinyan very much… Everything we have achieved now, he has his contribution. He created all of this so that we can now express our opinion freely. The Prime Minister is taking the right steps, but I don't know about the people around him, they are suspicious ..."

Jermuk residents do not believe it is possible to operate the mine without damaging the nature.  “There are many risks that, which they say are controllable but these risks cannot be controlled in any way. You saw with your own eyes how the wind rose in a minute, how can this be managed? How can such large-scale works not harm nature and human health, it is impossible…? We do not want children and people to be poisoned. We do not want to work today at the expense of our grandchildren,” Amulsar defenders said.

"In the Soviet era, still in the 1960s, Amulsar was examined. At that time they knew about the reserves, but since there was uranium in the area and it was the largest resort town in Armenia, the Soviet state did not operate the mine,” Mihrdat Nersisyan, a resident of Gndevaz, said. He said that our region would turn into a semi-desert area in 10 years. Gndevaz village developed through agriculture and cattle breeding. So what will we do then? They say figures that there is emigration from our region as jobs are closed. But they also have to think about what will happen in 10 years, when no work can be done here.

“We will wait for the Government's response. The same will continue, we will remain so until this issue is resolved, of course, in our favour,” Amulsar defenders said.

RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated, “I promise you, in the case of Amulsar, it is excluded that we divert 1 mm from the truth ... is it possible to operate the mine so that not only Jermuk but also the Darb and Arpa rivers are not contaminated? If possible, we should follow this truth. If it is not possible then it is impossible. If it impossible to preserve this air and water of Jermuk and the nature, then this mine can’t be operated,” during "Yes" campaign of the constitutional referendum in Jermuk Town in Vayots Dzor Region on March 12.

March 23, 2020 at 19:19