Human Rights and Amulsar Problem in Amnesty International Review

Human Rights and Amulsar Problem in Amnesty International Review


Amnesty International has published the Human Rights in Eastern Europe and Asia Review of 2019 where it also covered the events around Amulsar gold mining project in Armenia. 'The Right To A Healthy And Sustainable Environment' section of the review says:

' Protests against gold mining in Amulsar, south Armenia, which began with the blockage of a road leading to the mine in 2018, continued. Campaigners contested the results of the government commissioned Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Review. Despite the promise of hundreds of new jobs, local residents and environmental activists remained concerned about the potential social and ecological damage, including the negative impact on their livelihoods of predicted contamination of the mineral water of Jermuk, a spa resort and important tourism destination. The government stated it would go ahead with the project following publication of the review, but later reversed its decision and agreed to a further study on the environmental safety of the proposed mining.'

According the review, the government under Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan who came to power after peaceful protests in 2018, continued to enjoy relatively high popular support. It embarked on an energetic campaign against systemic corruption while pledging “transitional justice” by addressing abuses of power by the previous government.


April 27, 2020 at 19:10