Alarm Signal: Violent Entry of Any Company into Amulsar Mustn't Be Allowed

Alarm Signal: Violent Entry of Any Company into Amulsar Mustn't Be Allowed

In the recent months, the Armenian Environmental Front, Jermuk and Gndevaz residents have been beating the alarm signal that the new security company hired by the bankrupt Lydian company having been transferred to new owners, as well as another contacting company, is instigating violence at Amulsar guard points.

We have previously written about the problems created by the newly hired security company "Special Security Service" LLC: the presence of people armed with firearms and batons on Jermuk highway, demonstration of cruelty.

As of August, "Special Security Service" LLC is actively trying to replenish its staff. In addition to posting an announcement on the company's Facebook page, the company also published announcements of recruiting "sporty, tall, broad-shouldered, smart, intelligent people able to cope in tense situations" on website.

It is obvious that the strategy of "Lydian" company, which has new owners, is to instigate violence in order to justify the intervention of the police. The struggle for the protection of Amulsar has been and will remain a peaceful resistance and we call for further actions against violence in Amulsar area.

1. To refuse to cooperate with "Special Security Service" LLC, "Ecobuilding" company, Lydian and its contractors in general, that is, not to work in those companies, not to provide them with any kind of service. This is one of the methods of peaceful struggle typical of civil disobedience. Even if the offered salary seems high, do not be tempted by money, do not work in a place where the struggling citizens of Armenia are beaten and the future of the country is endangered.

2. To be physically present in the Amulsar guard points and Jermuk, to support the local residents morally and materially.

3. Document the assaults of the above-mentioned companies against the Amulsar guards.

4. Boycott media outlets promoting news ordered by Lydian.

"Lydian" company can take its last property from the territory of Amulsar, restore the destroyed landscape and leave that area once and for all. The presence of that company in Amulsar will not be allowed for any other purpose.

Armenian Environmental Front

Photo by AEF

August 03, 2020 at 16:39