Local Residents Stopped Protest Demonstration against Amulsar Project: They Are Going To Meet With Nikol Pashinyan

Local Residents Stopped Protest Demonstration against Amulsar Project: They Are Going To Meet With Nikol Pashinyan


Jermuk and Gndevaz community residents, Vayots Dzor Region, temporarily stopped the protest demonstration against Amulsar gold mining project. In their interview with EcoLur, Jermuk resident said the protest demonstration was stopped with the condition that Lydian Armenia Company, which is implementing this project, will stop its operation until inspections are carried out by Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan's assignment. Besides environmental inspections, the residents expect that an investigation will be carried out to find out whether or not Amulsar project contains corruption phenomena.

The resident said that intend to have a personal meeting with Nikol Pashinyan and to hand him the letter with the collected signatures by Jermuk residents. The letter says,

'Respectable Mr. Prime Minister

Since 2006 'Lydian Armenia' Company has been carrying out geoprospecting in the area of Amulsar gold mine, the construction works of Amulsar mine have launched since 2016 and they plan to start the development of the mine in the fall of 2018. The company received its mining permit from the ex-government, and it's still unknown how they did it. Numerous independent experts substantiate the extremely adversary impact of the mine not only on Jermuk community but on whole Armenia, particularly there is a hazard of the leak of polluter water to Lake Sevan through Arpa-Sevan tunnel, which is one of the most important issues for the Armenians. The water of the Arpa River flows in the whole region of the Vayots Dzor Region, and, consequently, the pollution of the river with toxic substances is a disaster for the whole Vayots Dzor.

Amulsar project has still launched its construction works, nevertheless, we can already experience most serious damage such as water pollution, air  pollution, reduction in the number of tourists, drastic decrease in Jermuk goodwil, numerous accidents because of the employees of Lydian Armenia, including one with a toll having occurred several days ago. Among the population, we can observe disappointment and mass migration from Jermuk community.

Jermuk has a big potential to become a health resort town for tourists: in line with the governmental resolution № 1064 adopted in 2018, Jermuk has been declared a tourism center. Developing mining and tourism in the same area is a paradox.

It's already three days since the free residents of Jermuk Town have blocked all the roads running to Amulsar, as a result, all the works in the mine have stopped, at the same time all the intercity roads are open. We have unblocked them following your request. Amulsar will remain closed unless Lydian Armenia officially announces about the non-operation of the mine.

We are looking forward to a proper response from you. Please, find attached clear arguments substantiating the negative consequences mentioned above.'

18:02 May 23, 2018


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