Lydian Armenia Intends to Sue Jermuk Activist

Lydian Armenia Intends to Sue Jermuk Activist


“Lydian Armenia” CJSC implementing Amulsar gold mining project intends to sue Vazgen Galstyan, President of “Jermuk Development Center” NGO, for committing a crime and causing damage. Jermuk activist was informed about it with a letter by A. Melqumyan, Legal Consultant of “Lydian Armenia” Company.

“We would like to advise you that from 18 May to 23 May, from June4 to June 5 and from June 22 till now the protest demonstration organized and guided by you with the violation of statutory procedures, as well as blocking roads is qualified as a crime. Your actions, including the blocking of the roads leading to Amulsar project resulted in the company not being able to perform the obligations it has undertaken within the frames of the mining right and before its partners and subcontracting organizations, as a result of which the company daily incurs large amounts of damage. We would like to inform you that the company has applied to competent law enforcement bodies, including courts of Armenia, for the restitution of its violated rights, initiating a criminal case against you and compensating the damage caused (with confiscation of money),” the text of the Legal Adviser’s letter says.

In his interview with EcoLur Vazgen Galstyan said that his steps will be clear when the company calls upon the court. On 27 June, the newly-appointed Head of RA Nature Protection and Soil Inspection Body Arthur Grigoryan visited Jermuk, where he presented the residents the approaches of the professional working group established by RA Prime Minister’s assignment, which should deal with the inspections in Amulsar. Arthur Grigoryan presented the approach of the Armenian Government and called the residents to open the roads, nevertheless, the response was negative, as Vazgen Galstyan noted. “Our agenda doesn’t include such an item, our agenda has only one item: Amulsar mine mustn’t be developed,” he said. Galstyan mentioned that they intend to keep the roads blocked during the inspections in the mine as well.

20:03 June 28, 2018


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