Nor Yedesia - Old Problems Against Nuclear Hazard

Nor Yedesia - Old Problems Against Nuclear Hazard


EcoLur presents the results of the study conducted in Nor Yedesia Community in Aragatsotn Region in connection with the impact of the ANPP, emergency preparedness, awareness of security measures, participation in decision-making and community social issues.

The Closest and Most Unprotected to the ANPP

The distance between the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP) and Nor Yedesia Community in Aragatsotn Region, Armenia, is only 3 km. The distance of some community gardens is 500 m. Residents are dissatisfied with the fact that Nor Yedesia is not considered an affected community of the ANPP.

"We are the closest to the nuclear power plant. Our agricultural products should have been tested first, we should have been given privileges, such as electricity subsidies or health programs. We once asked former Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan if we live near the nuclear power plant, but why isn't there any electricity discount? He replied that you would receive free radiation. What else is it about? ” one of the residents said.

The community with 1392 inhabitants should be evacuated to the neighboring village of Ujan in case of nuclear danger. Personal cars of residents must be used for evacuation. Residents do not have radiation shelters or protective equipment for primary protection. There are about twenty anti-gas masks left over from the Soviet years in the community hall, and a certain number are in the school, but they are not usable. The basement of the community school, which needs serious renovation, can also serve as a shelter, whereas the burden of repairs has been vested on the "shoulders" of the school.

Atmospheric monitoring equipment is planned to be installed in Nor Yedesia to determine the level of atmospheric radiation. An appropriate area has already been selected and fenced. All you have to do is install the equipment. Drinking and irrigation water problems are partially solved.

Nor Yedesia is a relatively young village. The first generation of couples who have arrived here is just forming a family. During the years of the Soviet Union, 700-730 hectares of vineyards and apricots were cultivated in Nor Yedeisa. "In 1993-1994, due to the lack of irrigation water, the gardens dried up. In 2005-2006 they resumed the cultivation of gardens, which increases by 15-25 hectares per year. Last year only, 33 hectares of gardens were established. A new irrigation system has been built in our area, the Arzni canal has been repaired, as a result of which the losses have decreased,” Nor Yedesia Community Head said.

Solar Energy in Nor Yedesia

It is planned to build a 200 MW industrial photovoltaic station in Aragatsotn Region, Armenia. For this purpose, it is planned to take about 520 hectares of land in Yeghvard and Nor Yedesia communities. The construction of the station will be carried out under the "MASDARARMENIA PROGRAM" investment program. The Government of the Republic of Armenia is considering taking the lands in the form of donations, and a corresponding instruction has been given to the Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of the Republic of Armenia.

June 23, 2020 at 17:34