Getting ANPP-Impacted Status for Arevik Community On Agenda

Getting ANPP-Impacted Status for Arevik Community On Agenda

Residents of Arevik community, who are engaged in gardening and vegetable growing, are facing the problem of selling their crops. Arevik community is located in Armavir Region, in the 5-10 km impact zone of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP). According to the residents, there are problems with food export. "There are people who get 50 tons of grapes. But they can sell that much in a small market? It is a question of export,” the villagers told EcoLur. Due to the proximity of the ANPP, the fruits and vegetables grown in the community are difficult to sell in the markets.

"We take the food to the market, they say we don't want it, it is radiated. They say this fruit is infected with radiation ... We have an agricultural loan that we have to pay off, but we cannot sell the product, we do not know what to do," the residents wondered. They want their crops to be tested if they find it dangerous to direct them to grow less radiation-absorbing foods.

"We want to know what is in that product," the residents said.

 The locals mentioned that they have the necessary hiding places in case of radiation danger. They even have a newly built house, the basement of which is adapted as a shelter. In case of evacuation, they should go to Talin.

There was no dialogue between the community and the ANPP administration. “There should be support for the village from the ANPP. We should not have any problem with electricity," the residents said.

The population of the community and the employees of the municipality think that the participation of the community in various processes related to the ANPP is possible, the issue of getting the status of the affected community should be on the agenda.

August 10, 2021 at 13:07