Turkey Calling for Closedown of Armenian Nuclear Power Plant with One of World's Largest Nuclear Power Plants Being Built in Its Country

Turkey Calling for Closedown of Armenian Nuclear Power Plant with One of World's Largest Nuclear Power Plants Being Built in Its Country

Turkey has been consistently calling for the closedown of the Armenian nuclear power plant, while at the same time building one of the world's largest nuclear power plants, Akkuyu, in Mersin province, on the Mediterranean coast in the south of Turkey. Akkuyu NPP is based on the serial design of the nuclear power plant based on the Novovoronezh NPP-2 project.

"Akkuyu" NPP includes four power units with Russian-made ВВЕР-1200 reactors with a total capacity of 4800 megawatts. Most of the shares of Akkuyu Nuclear company, which develops and implements the construction of the project, belong to Rusatom Energy International OJSC. Other Russian companies serving the nuclear sector are also involved in the project: "Atom-Energo-Project" JSC, "Atomstroyexport" JSC, "Rosenergoatom Concern" JSC, "Kurchatov Institute" National Research Center.

Reminder that the activists of "Greenpeace" international environmental organization were against the construction of "Akkuyu" NPP. "Turkey should not build nuclear reactors if only because the country still does not have the necessary legislation for it. In addition, the seismic assessment of the project is not adequate at all. Turkish authorities continue to ignore the most serious problems related to radioactive waste and spent fuel. They will be transported through Istanbul and the Bosphorus, which is extremely dangerous," said Jan Beranek, International Development Director at Greenpeace-Mediterranean.

"When Russia launched this project, there was no nuclear infrastructure in Turkey. This means that Russia acted as it wanted. we doubt the seismic safety of the station, but we don't get any information," said Özgür Gürbüz, Head of "Ecosphere" Association.

 After the devastating earthquakes that occurred in the south-east of Turkey on February 6, 2023, Rosatom assured that the facility was not damaged. Akkuyu is not a Turkish power plant. The owner is Russia. Russia is building a factory on Turkish soil, even the fuel comes from Russia. Turkey takes a risk, Russia gets the money," Özgür Gürbüz noted.

Reminder: Turkish local media reported back in October 2021 that an incident has been reported at the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, which is still under construction in Mersin in southern Turkey.

"The construction of a Turkish nuclear power plant in Mersin has been a disaster for Turkey and Mersin," said Ali Mahir Başarır a member of the Turkish parliament's commission from the Republican People's Party (CHP) about the incident.

"Now there is a fire in the transformer. As I have said before, with this nuclear power plant, they are placing dynamite in Mersin, beneath the Mediterranean," the MP said.

He also noted that the Turks are building the nuclear plant in cooperation with the Russians while they still have not decided what to do with the nuclear waste. 

Photo: rosatom.ru

October 03, 2023 at 16:49