Armenian Government Plans To Solve Amulsar Problem

Armenian Government Plans To Solve Amulsar Problem

The Government of the Republic of Armenia envisages implementing works aimed at resolving the issue of Amulsar gold-bearing quartzite deposit, as the program of RA Government for 2021-2026 says, which was approved at the sitting of the executive held on August 18. In addition to Amulsar issue, Sustainable Natural Resources Management Chapter of Government program outlines a number of other steps towards soil management. It is planned: 

• Drawing up a strategy for the development of the mining sector, 

• Development of laws regulating the sphere, as well as other legal acts deriving from them,
•Ensuring rational and proportionate extraction of resources, including excluding overexploitation of natural resources. Inventory of groundwater mineral water points (borehole, spring) and update of basic data, 

• Review of accountability requirements for the movement of mineral resources; • Clarification of the requirement of social obligations towards the communities, 

• Ensuring the development of areas of cooperation with all stakeholders in the mining sector,

• Regulation of land relations related to the provision of the right to soil management, 

• Ensuring efficient mining within the framework of existing soil management rights, implementation of Amulsar problem resolution works, 

• Creation of a digital cadastre of subsoil information, 

• Introduction of effective mechanisms to ensure fair and long-term development of mining taxation, in particular, reform of the royalties mechanism,

• Take effective measures to obtain the final mineral product, 

• Ensuring the technical safety of the tailing dumps, which presupposes the development of modern, science-based tailing dumps and standards in line with best practice and requirements,
• Reform of the whole process of geological prospecting.

August 19, 2021 at 15:57