Government Recognizes Eminent Domain over Gndevaz Land Areas for Amulsar Project

Government Recognizes Eminent Domain over Gndevaz Land Areas for Amulsar Project


At the meeting of 19 May the Armenian Government is going to recognize eminent domain over 0.975 ha of agricultural land area owned by private entities in Gndevaz community, Vayots Dzor Region, for the implementation of Amulsar project. The land acquisition process is led by 'Geoteam' CJSC. The deadline for initiating property alienation process is set not later than 20 months after the entry into force of this decision.

The decision rationale says, 'The project plans to launch the construction of project infrastructures in spring 2016 making an investment of US $370,000. It's planned to implement gold extraction in the heap each facility located in the area of Gndevaz village. In 2015 the Company already acquired over 230 land areas (130) ha located in the HLF area. The construction is planned to be carried out within 2 years.'

Currently four land areas (owned by three owners) haven't been acquired by the company because of the non-consent with the land areas, which are located in the central parts of the area designed for infrastructures, so if they are not acquired, the construction works can't be launched to their full extent.

It should be mentioned that disagreement with one of the land areas is connected with the compensation amount offered, otherwise he expressed his willingness to sell land areas and doesn't oppose to the project and/or related actions. The compensation amounts they are asking for are not substantiated, as the compensation proposed by the company is already higher than the market prices.

What about two other land owners, there are restriction in regard with the sale and purchase of the land areas, and their solution is rather difficult (one of the land areas is pledged, while the owner of the second land area is not in Armenia).

The recognition of the eminent domain over these land areas doesn't harm the land owners in non-substantiated manner.

May 18, 2016 at 12:57