People Have Inborn “Green” Rights, Without Which It Is Impossible To Live EcoLur

People Have Inborn “Green” Rights, Without Which It Is Impossible To Live EcoLur


How to protect citizens, who have been deprived of water, whose soil has been polluted, orchards and fields have been destroyed? How to make people's voice heard, which can't be heard? How to protect people's interests if the state refuses to protect them?

These and other questions were discussed at the meeting dedicated to the protection of 'green' rights held at EcoLur Press Club with the participation of the representatives of the Human Rights Defender's Office, communities, and NGOs fighting for their green rights. The new tool for the protection of social and environmental rights – the register for the violation of 'green' rights, which had been developed by EcoLur Informational NGO, was presented.

The protection of 'green' rights still doesn't have its legal definition. For this purpose, EcoLur is proposing to define 'green' rights, which can be introduced into international and domestic legislation, to obligate the projects considered to be 'green' to have risks of 'green' rights violations in their ESIA, to obligate to introduce guarantees for the protection of 'green' rights in so-called 'green' projects.

'From the moment of their birth, people have 'green' rights, without which it is impossible to live. These are rights to health and living in a healthy environment, fair distribution of natural resources, right to property, their own activities, access to information, participation in decision-making process, justice, damage insurance and compensation, social protection and protest demonstrations,' said Victoria Burnazyan, Expert of 'EcoLur' Informational NGO, Editor-in-Chief of website.

The presentation of the registers was accompanied with the speeches of the participants, discussions, and proposals.

To be continued.

May 03, 2018 at 19:20

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