How To Solve Problem of Sewage Water Flowing into Lake Sevan: Proposal from Khimmaster Company

How To Solve Problem of Sewage Water Flowing into Lake Sevan: Proposal from Khimmaster Company


Out of communities located adjacent to Lake Sevan only Gavar, Martuni and Vardenis have mechanical cleaning stations. The water doesn't undergo biological cleaning and disinfection. As a result, the sewage water flows into the lake through the rivers polluting it. This summer Lake Sevan bloomed with algae because of the artificial decrease in the lake level, high-temperature background, and lake pollution.

'Khimmaster' LLC which deals with the production of household and industrial wastewater cleaning stations, has examined the sewage state in Gavar, Martuni and Vardenis towns, as well as the state of the cleaning stations. The company has found out that Vardenis town send the most amount of sewage water into Lake Sevan out of these towns, though it has lower number of population than the other two towns, whereas the extent of sewage cover in Gavar makes up 36%, It's 47% for Martuni and 41% for Vardenis. 'When comparing the number of the population and the volumes of the existing sewage we have the following image: deviation from standards makes up 600% in Vardenis, 270% in Martuni and 173% in Gavar,' said Manvel Gabrielyan, Chair of 'Khimmaster' LLC, on the findings of their examination.

The cause of the deviation is that surface water and groundwater get mixed with the sewage and increase its volume because of the deterioration in the sewage pipelines. In another case, there is a loss of sewage recorded. As a solution to the problem, 'Khimmaster' LLC is proposing:

· To construct a biological cleaning station in each town based on the expenses of normed water.

· In parallel with the construction of stations, to repair and re-equip the operating sewage pipelines, to add new networks up to 100% of sewage coverage of the towns.

· To give a preference to the direction of the whole volume of the sewage water to operating cleaning station and follow-up biological cleaning stations. In case of not being expedient, to design local (neighborhood) stations.

· In order to disinfect the water of Lake Sevan, as well as to prevent the spread of hepatitis, the AIDS and other serious diseases it is necessary to plan a disinfection section in the design stage of any station. 'If deviations are eliminated, we are proposing to construct a biological cleaning station at 300,000 USD which will process 1000 cum sewage water per hour,' Manvel Gabrielyan said.

November 16, 2018 at 15:39