Intensification of Lake Sevan Blooming Expected

Intensification of Lake Sevan Blooming Expected

Due to the high temperature, the decrease in the inflow of Lake Sevan and the early start of irrigation water intake, the level of the lake decreases, the lake blooming has intensified in the second ten days of July.

The level of Lake Sevan is noticeably decreasing: as of July 8, 2021, the level of the lake is 1900.76 m, which is 5 cm lower than the same day of the previous year (1900.81 m). 95.813 million cubic meters of water have been released from the lake for irrigation since May 25. As of July 8, the volume of water entering the lake through the Arpa-Sevan tunnel accounted for 126.639 million cubic meters.

Gayane Shahnazaryan, Deputy Director of Hydrometeorological and Monitoring Center, “The meteorological conditions observed in June 2021 in the basin of Lake Sevan were unfavorable for the water regime of the lake. The average monthly air temperature was 2-5 degrees above normal in the first and second ten days in June, and 6-7 degrees in the third ten days. Due to this, the evaporation from the lake was quite high. Due to the high temperature, the flows of the rivers flowing into Lake Sevan were below normal, which contributed to the decrease in the level of Lake Sevan.

Touching upon the issue of Lake Sevan blooming, Gayane Shahnazaryan mentioned, "Blooming processes usually have their intensity from the second ten days of July to the first ten days of August. Blooming processes will continue to intensify: compared to 2018 we will have a lower intensity of blooming, but compared to 2020 will have the same intensity of blooming.

Voskehat Grigoryan, Head of Department of Biodiversity Policy and Specially Protected Areas of Environment Ministry, spoke about the measures taken to restore the ecosystem of Lake Sevan. She noted that the EU4Sevan program, co-financed by the European Union (EU) and the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of the Federal Republic of Germany, envisages five results for the improvement of the Lake Sevan ecosystem. "The first outcome is the improvement of the capacity of the monitoring system in Lake Sevan and its catchment.

The second outcome is the economical use of Sevan ecosystem and the promotion and improvement of land cultivation activities.

The third outcome is the development of natural wastewater treatment solutions for Lake Sevan.

The fourth outcome is raising public awareness,

The fifth component is aimed at improving the management of Lake Sevan.

July 08, 2021 at 16:55