Alarm Signal: No Water in Ayri River for Several Days

Alarm Signal: No Water in Ayri River for Several Days

There has been no water in the Ayri River for several days now, the residents of Torunik village in Syunik Region are not able to irrigate the gardens. Ara Stepanyan, a Sisian resident, is beating an alarm signal in this regard on Facebook page of "Citizen's Voice" media platform.

"There is water in the river only at night. In addition to Torunik, the residents of Akhlatyan and Tsghuni villages, which have also been left without irrigation water, use it for irrigation. This is the first time such a problem has arisen. The reason is not only the drought but also the fact that HPPs take a lot of water from the river," Ara Stepanyan said.

It should be noted that according to the official website of the Public Services Regulatory Commission, "Ayri" and "Dastakert" small HPPs have been built on the Ayri River.

The alarm signal was addressed to the relevant bodies: RA Government, Syunik Regional Municipality, Water Committee, RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, RA Environment Ministry, RA Economy Ministry, RA Environmental Protection and Mining Inspection Body, and Sisian Municipality.

August 30, 2021 at 16:08