When Inspections To Be Held in Teghout? Inspection Body Head Answering

When Inspections To Be Held in Teghout? Inspection Body Head Answering


Teghout copper and molybdenum mine will be the fourth metallic mine where RA Nature Protection and Soil Body will carry out inspections. In reply to EcoLur's letter, RA Nature Protection and Soil Body Head Arthur Grigoryan informed that after the inspections in Amulsar gold mine the inspection body is carrying out inspections in Zangezour copper and molybdenum combine, afterwards it is planned to carry out inspection in Litchq copper mine and only then inspections will be carried out in Teghout.

It should be mentioned that EcoLur Informational NGO had applied to the Inspection Body proposing to hold inspections in 'Teghout CJSC' as soon as possible. EcoLur's letter said, ' So far no environmental and soil management inspections have been carried out in 'Teghout CJSC under different substantiations. Under the absence of state supervision and accountability of the company activities, there are numerous ecological problems accumulated in the region, including also irreversible ecological problems and risks, as our appraisal shows, which are proved by numerous alarm signals received from the residents of the affected communities and related observations made by us, as well as the statement made by the company director in January 2018 on the cessation of the operation because of the non-compliance of the Teghout tailing dump with the Armenian and international standards. In its turn, the Dutch pension fund, Pension Danmark, and EKF,  Denmark’s Export Credit Agency, refused from funding Teghout copper and molybdenum mining project. One of the reasons was the non-compliance of the dam of the tailing dump to the contractual requirements and conditions and leaks from the catch basin, which don't comply with the water criteria. Officially, decrease in the sustainability of the indicators has been recorded (despite the fact that 'Technical Support Center' SNCO issued a positive expert assessment statement N 560-1 to industrial hazardous object on 26.05.2017).

Taking into consideration the publicity of this issue, possible mitigation of all threats posing the environment and the prevention of potential negative consequences, dangers threatening the impacted communities, we would like to propose to carry out inspections in 'Teghout CJSC' in a manner prescribed by legislation as soon as possible making EcoLur NGO and the representatives of the impacted communities participants of these inspections.'

September 24, 2018 at 18:39