Worker Aged 52 Died in Teghout Mine

Worker Aged 52 Died in Teghout Mine


On 15 May, Lernik Ramazyan, aged 52, died in the course of rehabilitating the pipelines of the tailing dump of Teghout mine. As we learn from the official Facebook page of RA police, a report was received from Tumanyan Division of Police at 14:15 on 15 May that Lernik Ramazyan, born in 1967, fell down while working and died.

'In the course of preparing the materials it has been found out that on 15 May, within the ranges of 13:25, the back part of the excavator hit Lernik Ramazyan during the turn of the excavator in the course of the rehabilitation of the tailing dump in the area of the tailing dump of the company and injured him, as a result of which he died. A forensic medical expert assessment has been appointed and the circumstances are being examined. The investigation is in progress,' the press release disseminated by RA Police says.

It should be mentioned that works in the area of Teghout project have resumed after the stop of around one year.

Reminder: the ex owner of the shares, 'Vallex' Company Group has been deprived of the shares of 'Teghout' CJSC, as the company hadn't paid the debt against the loans taken out of the Russian VTB Bank. The whole property has been transferred to the bank and Russian businessman of Armenian origin Norik Petrosyan has been invited as a manager.

Another reminder: 'EcoLur' Informational NGO has carried out the trial of the case on Teghout Copper and Molybdenum Mining Project through Public Environmental Court and published the verdict of the court available here

May 16, 2019 at 13:42