“Teghout” CJSC Didn’t Keep Its Promise To Hire Shnogh Optimized Community Members for 60% of Its Jobs

“Teghout” CJSC Didn’t Keep Its Promise To Hire  Shnogh Optimized Community Members for 60% of Its Jobs


Shnogh and Teghout villagers have recently cleared the road running to TeghoutCJSC, which they had been blocking since 5 in the morning. The residents are demanding from the company to prioritize the impacted community residents when hiring employees for the company. As Shnogh resident Levon Alikhanyan said in his phone talk with EcoLur, the representatives of the company were not involved in the meeting with the residents: there were only policemen and Head of Shnogh optimized community Davit Ghumashyan. He promised to have a meeting with the administration of Teghout CJSC, table the demand of the residents and to inform the residents about the company response on Monday.

The company has already accomplished the hiring process and cant hire the residents Shnogh and Teghout residents. The workers are mainly from Alaverdi where Alaverdi copper smelter has shut down and the residential areas of the officials of Teghout CJSC. Nevertheless, at the meeting with Shnogh optimized community members some time ago the new heads of Teghout CJSC promised to allot 60% of the working places to Shnogh residents but they didnt keep their promise which annoyed the people. Now there is high social tension among the people, Levon Alikhanyan said. It turns out that Shnogh residents who have lost their land areas ensuring income because of mining and are exposed to the immediate impact of the mine, right now are also deprived of working for Teghout CJSC and earning money for their families.

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June 21, 2019 at 13:46