Signature Collection in Artashar Community Demanding to Recover Their Violated Right to Water

Signature Collection in Artashar Community Demanding to Recover Their Violated Right to Water


The residents of Artashar community, Armavir Region, have launched a signature collection so as to apply to the Armenian Government with a demand to recover their violated rights to water. The residents raised about the problems with irrigation and drinking water. The letter says,

“Dear Mr. Prime Minister and Cabinet members,

The ruthless use of artesian groundwater in Ararat Valley over recent 10-15 years has caused lack of water in our community, the level of deep wells has decreased or completely got dry. The Sev Jur River, which ensures the community with irrigation water, has dried out. For many years, the sewage of Metsamor and Armavir towns flow into the irrigation system of our community and the harvest received from the cultivated land areas irrigation with this water has made the harvest uncompetitive in the market. This water spread stink in the community in the summer and cause an anti-hygienic situation. We use artesian water as drinking water in Artashar. In the past, drinking water used to be gravity, currently drinking water is pumped because of the decrease in the water horizons, which needs additional costs. There is a risk that the sewage water may get mixed with the drinking water because of weariness of the intercommunity network.

The socio-economic development plan of the community for 2017-2021 envisages repair of the internal network of irrigation water with projected value of 12 million AMD and repair of drinking water pipeline of 1800 meters lings with the projected value of 30 million AMD. These project envisions can’t be implemented without external support taking into consideration narrow opportunities of the community incomes.

We are applying to the Armenian government for the state support to solve the water problems in the community in the form of allocations from state reserves. We are requesting to use all the leverages and to support soonest resuming of the operations of Armavir biological cleaning station.”

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July 29, 2019 at 17:46