Our Town Is very Clean: Just Much Dust (Photo)

Our Town Is very Clean: Just Much Dust (Photo)


Ararat is in the top ten of environmentally unfavorable towns in Armenia. Nevertheless, the number of alarm signals from Ararat rather few, as people don’t want to speak about their problems, and only several people can express what they are concerned about. 

When EcoLur asked what environmental problem you would like to solve first of all, people surveyed in the streets of Ararat said, “…Ararat used to be a hot spot. But now when one of the cement plants is closed down, while the other is rather far away from us, the dust doesn’t get to us. It’s true that no filters have been placed at the plant so far, but the plant isn’t operating with full capacities, or the wind blows in another direction…I don’t know, but there is no dust…Our Mayor solves our problems, and to tell the truth I can’t see any problems…Everything the Mayor said at his election campaign is fulfilled and problems are solved…Once our town used to be a hot spot, but not now…no…We don’t have such problems in Ararat that are worth mentioning…” Fifteen-year-old girl was very immediate, “Everything is OK, clean, just there is too much dust…” Here what public activists say about this problem, who took part in the round table at the Aarhus Center on 5 April. 

H. Davtyan, “The situation in Ararat is catastrophic, and we can feel this on our skin, but nobody talks about it… everybody knows that we have rather high percentage of cancer diseases…”

S. Darbinayn, “If a plant produces cement, and people breathe in this dust, how it can be stated there are no risks…or the gold extracting plant with cyanogen, I heard this is a poison, and people can work there. Yes, we don’t have other work and here people work at the expense of their health…We raised these issues, organized seminars, but the solution wasn’t given…”

G. Martirosyan, “There are no changes, if any, to the worse. Good changes should be based on something, nevertheless, year by year heavy metals only get accumulates. Even if technologies are changed at gold extraction plant, this is only for better extraction of gold. While heavy metals remain as bonus, and they inevitable affect on cildren’s health, and particularly on kidneys. Can you say, if it is OK that one school with 500 schoolchildren already have three children with ill kidneys? One child has been operated on. Nothing good result from this…”

April 13, 2012 at 17:01