Ombudsman Addressed Qajaran Dust Problem In Report

Ombudsman Addressed Qajaran Dust Problem In Report


One of the Nature Protection Ministry’s dereliction of duties is non-performance of dust monitoring in Qajaran, as the Ombudsman’s report “On Human Rights Defender’s Activities and Violation of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in Armenia for 2014” says. Making a reference to EcoLur’s article entitled “Alarm signal from Qajaran: Our Children Get to Hospital Because of Dust”, the report says, “Complaints have been received that huge amount of dust is in the air of Qajaran, which violated many people’s right to live in environment promoting health and welfare.”

During 2014 Qajaran residents beat alarm signals about huge amount of dust in the air, particularly outlining that the town is lost in the dust for 3-4 hours per day because of the operation of Qajaran copper and molybdenum mine. Qajaran is include in the list of most risky and largest town, so it can be concluded while implementing monitoring of Qajaran air basin pollution, it’s necessary to implement dust monitoring, moreover, the Ministry is aware of this problem. Nevertheless, only the permissible concentrations of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide were studied, which were sampled from 15 observation sites in the town and were considered as within standards.

Dust monitoring is not carried out in Qajaran town because of the absence of relevant equipment on the spot. Though the Ministry informs that currently works are carried out for the monitoring of dust in the atmospheric air in Qajaran town, the problem remains unsolved.

Proposal: to carry out monitoring of permissible concentrations of dust in the air in Qajaran town in shortest tie limits and to take urgent measures in case of detecting limit deviations.”

April 14, 2015 at 16:07