"ArmOil" Company Didn't Perform Inspection Resolution


The representative of “Lubrex” trademark in Armenia, “ArmOil” Company is not performing the resolution of Nature Protection and Soil Inspection Body resolution and continues the construction of a petroleum processing plant in Yeghvard Town.

On 24 October, the inspection body adopted a resolution to suspend the construction of the plant. “ArmOil” Company was obliged to undergo environmental impact expert assessment and strategic assessment for the construction of the plant.

On 27 October, one of the Yeghvard residents informed EcoLur that the construction of the plant still continues. “A decision was reached to suspend the construction, but it still continues. If this plant was constructed in a non-residential area, we would welcome it, but it is being constructed in our neighbourhood. We are not aware of all the risks, but we do understand that it’s hazardous for us, especially in terms of explosions,” Yeghvard resident from “Nati” neighbourhood told EcoLur.

Nature Protection and Soil Inspection Body told EcoLur there are aware of the alarm signal on the construction and now they are investigating the situation.

October 27, 2017 at 14:40