'ArmOil' Company Constructing Oil Processing Plant without Environmental Expert Assessment

'ArmOil' Company Constructing Oil Processing Plant without Environmental Expert Assessment


The official representative of 'Lubrex' trademark in Armenia 'ArmOil' Company is constructing a petroleum processing plant in Yeghvard Town, Kotayq Region, without any environmental impact expert assessment. Petroleum processing production is subject to environmental expertise and is considered under the riskiest 'A' category in line with RA Law 'On Environmental Impact Assessment and Expertise'.

As 'Environmental Impact Assessment Expertise Center' SNCO told EcoLur, 'ArmOil' Company hasn't submitted any project for assessment and, consequently, it doesn't have any environmental impact assessment opinion.

The construction of the plants has made a big sensation in Yeghvard Town, as the residents call this situation as 'environmental disaster', while the plant being constructed is called 'an atomib bomb.'

An alarm signal is beaten to RA Nature Protection Ministry: according to Press Secretary of  RA Nature Protection and Soil Inspection Body Vruyr Pepanyan, the Inspection has initiated an administrative proceedings to find out the lawfulness of the activities of 'ArmOil' Company.

In parallel with the Yeghvard residents' alarm signal and inspections, on its official website 'ArmOil' company is announcing about the full-swing construction operations of petroleum processing plant in Yeghvard and that soon the only petroleum processing plant in the region will launch its operation. The company intends to open the plan this year, so the active construction works have been launched in Yeghvard.

16:48 October 11, 2017


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