Armen Sargsyan Denies Talks on Being Lydian's Shareholder

Armen Sargsyan Denies Talks on Being Lydian's Shareholder


Candidate for the President of Armenia Armen Sargsyan denied the talks of his being a shareholder in 'Lydian Armenia' Company. In his exclusive interview given to Shant TV Armen Sargsyan said, 'Lydian's story is another distorted or false news, which I will clarify with great pleasure. Neither I or any member of my family or any other organization related to my family have never been, are not and will probably not be the shareholder of 'Lydian Armenia' Company.'

Armen Sargsyan said he was related with 'Lydian Armenia' Company, but it was five years ago. He also presented what kind of relations he had with the company. 'Relations with 'Lydian' are very clear. If there is any company in London, Paris, Europe or wherever, which is interested in making investments in Armenia, I am always willing to meet and advise them. There are many companies I have assisted, but it doesn't mean I have any share there. No, I don't.

Two people got me acquainted with 'Lydian' – Karine Ghazinyan as an ambassador and one of the Lydian's shareholders – Joseph Oughourlian. He was introduced to me and asked for advice how 'Lydian' should work in Armenia and proposed me to become a member of the consultative body – there is a board of directors, which has only advisory functions, it had 8 members and I was one of these  8 members. I used to be the member for 3 months, but, unfortunately, I didn't take part in their meeting: I did research, had meetings with the Chair and Director and submitted by the written opinion. Then I handed in a notice and resigned.'


January 31, 2018 at 19:09