Yerevan Residents on Botanical Garden

Yerevan Residents on Botanical Garden

Sara Harutyunyan, YSU 3rd Year Journalism Student for EcoLur

Despite a number of problems, Botanical Garden after Armen Takhtajyan of NAS RA in Yerevan is one of the favorite places for Yerevan residents. It is a unique green zone preserved in the capital, which the residents call as lungs of Yerevan.

Yerevan residents tell what the significance of the garden is for the capital, what kind of memories Yerevan residents have about the garden, how they would like to see it.

Yerevan speaking: Yerevan Botanical Garden

In my opinion, the role of Yerevan lungs vests on Botanical Garden. It has a huge significance for our capital. It is also our scientific center where there are rare plants.

I used to visit here when I was younger. But now everything has changed – the garden is not in a good state. I get sad when I make comparisons between my childhood's garden and the current garden.

It's a pity that such a place gets so little care nowadays. But I also don't want to turn it into an entertainment center and to build a cafe or something like that on every meter. I would like the garden to serve its main aim  -  to be a botanical garden and not a business center.


Sahak Vardanyan, Deputy Director of Botany  Institute after Armen Takhtanjyan of NAS RA said in his interview with us that they can't take care of the entire territory of the Botanical Garden because of the lack of funds.




The 83-year-old garden has the mission of the conservation of the genetic pool of plant species of national and world value. Around 5000 names of valuable plant species are exhibited in the garden.

Photo: SaraHarutyunyan

December 18, 2018 at 17:52